ISM London's training is very highly regarded. So far in 2009 alone (as of late August) we have trained over 90 people. Here is what some of them have said.

Feedback from training weekend, June 2009:

February 2009 ISM London training: January 2009 ISM London training:

ISM London's pre-travel training in the UK is strongly recommended, but does not replace the compulsory two day training you will receive in Palestine. We do not charge money for ISM London training, but we do ask for donations to cover trainers' expenses (suggested donation: £10 each).

Please note: Individuals interested in volunteering with the ISM in Gaza must have previous experience with ISM in the West Bank.

Upcoming Training Weekends

Times: 11am-6pm Saturday & 11am-6pm Sunday

Training takes place over two days. It is important to attend on both days, otherwise you will miss half of the training programme. We recommend that, if possible, you attend a training weekend at least a month before your travel date.

There is no obligation to join ISM after attending our trainings.

If you're aged 18 or over, reasonably fit, can afford a plane ticket and some spending money, and can spare two weeks or more of your time in Palestine, we'd like to hear from you. The ISM London training session provides pre-travel information and practical advice to anyone thinking about going on a solidarity visit to Palestine -- with no obligation. ISM London's experienced volunteers can help answer your questions about the movement and the current situation on the ground in Palestine.

Training and accommodation in Palestine are provided for a nominal fee (less than £3 per day). The ISM Palestine training is required to join the group (training in the UK does not replace the compulsory session in Palestine). For more information on preparation, travel and arrival in Palestine, please see the ISM Palestine website.

Training involves discussion on the following topics:

ISM History; Principles; Activity; Hopes and Fears; Non-violence discussion; exercises; Cultural awareness; motivations; solidarity; plenary. Finish.

Sunday: Legal briefing; Consensus decision-making; Media; Practical/travel issues; emotional wellbeing; plenary. Finish.

To help you prepare for the experience of working as an ISMer in Palestine, please consider the following questions. They are subjects we will be dealing with during the training weekend, and it will be of great benefit for you and for the orientation process to spend a few minutes thinking about them:

(Please don't be frightened or intimidated by any of these questions; they are designed to help YOU explore your own motivations and expectations)

Remember that ISM London is a support framework for UK activists going to Palestine, so we are here to help with as much advice & guidance as we can offer. If you're struggling to answer these questions, don't worry: this is what the preparation process is for.

If you want to register your interest for the training weekend please contact

We look forward to seeing you at training!