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"If there is one organisation you should support, it's the ISM"
Norman Finkelstein

ISM London are very excited to announce we now offer a range of Palestinian goods for sale. We have Keffiyas, T-shirts and embroidery, please follow the following for pictures;

Keffiyas - £10

Extremely limited edition 'made in Palestine' Keffiyas, made in the only Keffiya factory in Palestine (near Hebron). The factory has only been open a short while and is rumoured to be closing soon, so snap up your authentic Palestinian Keffiya while you still can. Many sellers puport to sell 'made in Palestine' Keffiyas, but most are actually from Syria, ours have a tag attached to authenticate the source. Come in a range of colours.

The image at the top of the page shows the different colours our Keffiyas are available in. Red and black have political connotations (red is communist or Hamas, black either represents Fatah or the general Palestinian national colour depending on who you speak to)

Handala T-Shirts - £10

T-Shirt displaying Handala, the famous Palestinian cartoon character, drawn by the late Naji al-Ali. Handala represents the struggle of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland. T-Shirts come in a range of colours and are sized S,M,L or XL - the sizes come up small so it is worth getting on a size up from your usual British t-shirt size. Colours: black, white, grey, green, olive, yellow, orange and blue.

Embroidery - £6/£8

Purses and glasses cases available, beautifully hand sewn by members of a womens cooperative in the Hebron region of the West Bank. Glasses cases and purses stitched on both sides are £8, purses sewn on one side are £6. The one sided purses are sewn either decoratively, or with feminist slogans on them.

All prices exclusive of postage and packaging, all profit goes to ISM.

To order yours please email with your order and we will get you a quote on p&p

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