Action alert – Three leading female Palestinian activists arrested by Israeli forces

On Thursday 15 August Myassar Atani, Lina Jawabre and Linan Abu Ghoulmeh, prominent activists working for Palestinian prisoners, were arrested by Israeli forces in Israel. ISM London is asking all those with conscience in the UK to write to the Israeli Brigadier General Dani Afroni, Military Judge Advocate General and the British Consul General in Jerusalem urging that these women are released immediately.

In a hearing on 19 August an Israeli Judge authorised the extended detention of all three women in an Israeli prison for a further 7 days. It is not clear why the women are being held. All three are active members of the non-violent resistance movement against the illegal Israeli occupation. Myassar Atani is well known for her activities supporting and promoting the cause of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, as well as assisting ISM in their activities. All three women have been arrested and interned by Israel on several occasions.

Israel is currently imprisoning 15 women in Israeli prisons, in contravention of the Geneva Convention on Human Rights, particularly in relation to the illegality of holding prisoners outside the occupied territory. On 13 August Israel released 26 prisoners held since before the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords in 1993, in an American brokered deal to resume peace negotiations. In the last negotiated prisoner releases in 2011, in the first phase Israel released 477 prisoners, however, 470 were arrested in the West Bank over the preceding 3 month period. Israel has also recently announced over 1500 units of housing in illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank in contravention of international law and despite the announced resumption of peace talks.

ISM London asks all UK residents to write to the Israeli Brigadier General Dani Afroni and Military Judge Advocate General urging the immediate release of these three women. We also ask that you write to the British Consul General in Jerusalem, Sir Vincent Fean, asking him to hold Israel to account for their imprisonment and immediate release. A suggested template letter for both is below and we urge you to share this with friends and colleagues.

For more information of Myassar, Lina and Linan write to Brigadier General Dani Afroni, Military Judge Advocate General –

Write to the British Consul General in Jerusalem:

Sir Vincent Fean

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