Free Sireen

ISM London calls for the immediate release of Sireen Khudairi, a Palestinian teacher and activist with the Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign, following her unwarranted arrest in a night time raid by the Israeli army.

Sireen was taken from her home at 4 a.m. today (Tuesday 7th January) by Israeli forces who presented no warrant or papers for her arrest. She was then taken to Huwwara military base and detained.

Her arrest comes after months of harassment and intimidation in her role with the nonviolent activist group, the Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign.

Jordan Valley Solidarity is a coalition of local groups formed in 2003 to defend the rights of Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley, who have been subjected to the gradual takeover of their land and water resources, as well as frequent abuses by the Israeli Army and settlers.

Last month, the Israeli cabinet voted eight to three in favour of a plan to annex the Jordan Valley — in what could be the final move to formalise Israel’s control over the territory.

Please contact the British Ambassador to Israel and your local MP to express concern at Sireen’s arrest.

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