Emergency Counter-Protest to Combat EDL-Supported Zionist Federation Demonstration

UPDATE: The fascist group EDL is calling for it’s supporters to attend this ZF demo. This makes it even more important to turn out and peacefully oppose them. The EDL is a very violent racist group, so it’s important not to respond to their provocations.

The Zionist Federation are planning a demonstration to for “Israels right to defend itself”: or Israel’s right to turn a strip of land contain just under a million and half people into an open air prison and massacre people trying to break the blockade.

Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods have called for all pro-Palestinian activists to hold a counter demonstration to show the Zionist Federation that dancing on the graves of those trying to bring aid to besieged Gaza will not go unopposed in the streets.

Meet 7PM TONIGHT outside the Israeli embassy (2 Palace Green, London, W8 4QB), bring flags, banners and noise.

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