London demonstrates for second day against Gaza flotilla massacre

Report by ISM London

Pro-Palestine campaigners converged on the Israeli embassy in London on Tuesday evening for the a second day of protest against Israel’s massacre of peace activists bringing aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Around 300 campaigners arrived at 5pm to show the Israeli Embassy the anger at the killings that is being felt by people worldwide. After 3 hours of lively protest in which an enormous Palestinian flag briefly shielded those under it from the rain, the demonstration began to peter out, with Palestine Solidarity Campaign organisers urging people to go away and mobilise for the national demonstration against the massacre on Saturday.

Todays demonstration marked the continuation of a wave of protest that has hit cities around Britain in the last two days; Indymedia have carried reports of demonstrations in Cambridge, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, York, Edinburgh and Glasgow.