The next training weekend is on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April 2017 at the Green Fish Resource Centre in Manchester.

For more information, please contact:


Are you:

  • Aged between 18 and 75?
  • Reasonably fit?
  • Able to afford a return ticket and some spending money?
  • Willing to spend two or more weeks in Palestine?

If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Our training/orientation week-end provides pre-travel information and practical advice to anyone thinking about going on a solidarity visit to Palestine — with no obligation to join ISM afterwards.

Our experienced volunteers can help answer your questions about the movement, what we do and the current situation on the ground in Palestine. You’ll learn useful skills to help you be effective and welcome, and gain an understanding of the underlying issues. Most trainees really enjoy the week-end and find it inspires and motivates them.

Training takes place over two days. It is important to attend on both days, otherwise you will miss half of the training programme. We recommend that, if possible, you attend a training weekend at least a month before your travel date.

Training involves discussion on the following topics:

Hopes and Fears; Overview of the Occupation; ISM History and Principles; Non-Violence; Cultural Awareness; Motivations and Solidarity; Checkpoints, Settlers and Legal briefing; Consensus Decision-Making; Getting In; Media; Practicalities; and Emotional Well-being.

ISM London’s pre-travel training in the UK is strongly recommended, but does not replace the compulsory two day ISM training you will receive in Palestine. We do not charge money for ISM London training, but we do ask for donations to cover trainers’ expenses (suggested donation: £10 each).  Please click here for advice on pre-training preparation.

Training and accommodation in Palestine are provided for a nominal fee (less than £3 per day). The ISM Palestine training is required to join the group. For more information on preparation, travel and arrival in Palestine, please see the ISM Palestine website.

Please note: Individuals interested in volunteering with the ISM in Gaza must have previous experience with ISM in the West Bank.

ISM London’s training is very highly regarded. Over 250 people have been trained since 2009, here is what some of them said.

April 2014

  • “I feel more sense of wanting to go. Feel much more prepared and comfortable about making the commitment.”
  • “It was all good; the friendliness of the trainers and the non-hierarchy. I think everything came across as well-thought through. I feel like i was being trained by really good trainers who knew the position people like us are in.”
  • (The training was good because) “i met like-minded people, it was inclusive, i was listened to and it was interactive.”
  • “It was informative, reassuring, and felt like a safe space. Everything was given the time it needed, nothing felt rushed. Thank you, it has been BRILLIANT”

June 2013

  • “Engaging activities that were excellently structured; warm, friendly trainers with great knowledge.”
  • “I feel more positive about going, there were a couple of things i had reservations about but they’ve all been addressed.”
  • “You did a great job in creating a safe space in a short period of time, it was easy to feel comfortable about asking questions, thank you.”

January 2013

  • “An excellent couple of days. It left me inspired and eager to take part.”
  • “Made me want to go even more”
  • “What was good about the training? – The attitude and approachability of the instructors”

September 2012

  • “Thank you, you are amazing”
  • Just a big thank you for a great weekend and for helping me make the decision to get involved”
  • “It has reinforced my decision to travel to Palestine”

March 2012

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