Jewish Palestine activist victim of anti-Semitic attack by Ahava staff

Video has emerged of a member of staff at Israeli settlement shop Ahava making anti-Semitic comments to a Jewish pro-Palestine activist.

During a picket of the store on Monday, the staff member accused Palestine campaigner Bruce Levy of “killing Jesus”. At this point Mr Levy turned his video camera on and asks the staff member why she thinks he killed Jesus, to which she can be heard to reply “because you’re Jewish”.

The charge of deicide, that the Jews not the Romans bear responsibility for Jesus’ death, and Jews in modern times can be held accountable for this is one of many classically anti-Semitic libels that formed the ideological basis for the persecution of Jews by Christians in Europe over many centuries, culminating in the Holocaust. Although the charge was officially repudiated by the Vatican in the 1960′s, the idea hasn’t completely disappeared, as was witnessed by the commercial success of Mel Gibson’s the Passion of the Christ in 2004, which is widely accused of promoting the deicide libel.

The incident has been reported to both the Metropolitan police and the Community Security Trust, who are investigating.