EDL Become Ahava's Main Supporters at the Fortnightly Demonstration

By London Palestine Activist

Zionism’s true face was exposed for all to see at the fortnightly demonstration outside the cosmetics shop Ahava as the racist English Defence League’s “Jewish Division” again joined forces with the Zionist Federation to show their support of the manufacturer and retailer of illegal settlement goods.

This should leave no doubt that the agenda of the racist EDL and Zionists share similar foundations. Racism and fascism have always been synonymous with Zionism, something Palestinians are forced to experience every day.

The very few members of the Zionist Federation who attended continued to counter-demonstrate alongside the overtly racist, anti-Muslim EDL. Noticeably absent were Zionist Federation co-Vice Chair Jonathan Hoffman, who was not shy to stand alongside the racist EDL in the past, and his diminutive propagandist, Richard Millett.

EDL member Roberta Moore was once again present bringing shame on the flag of Portugal which was flying above the Israeli flag. Also displayed was a St George flag incorporating the word “England”, the Star of David and the Union Jack.

The EDL/Zionist supporters included a noticible number of children and teenagers. Between the EDL chants, many also made obscene gestures and shouted racist epithets which were ignored by police, as were attempts by others to hide their identities. One lout wore a balaclava which he wore and removed several times and two young  EDL members  put Ahava bags to good use by wearing them over their heads. Another EDL/Zionist brought along an infant, who she draped in an Israeli flag and then started shouting obscenities at the pro – BDS demonstrators who numbered about forty.

Campaigners talking to the people and leafleting against the retailer of illegal settlement produce, Ahava, once again enjoyed the overwhelming support of the public, who continue to express their disgust of the presence of the racist and fascist counter-demonstrators.

The protest ended on a high note with the singing of several songs by anti-Ahava supporters, who then dispersed, leaving most of the EDL Zionists being corralled by the police in their pen.

More photos can be found here.