Ahava campaign continues – Zionists cautioned by police for intimidation

By Rose, ISM London

On Saturday the 17th July, activists gathered outside Ahava for the ongoing campaign against a company profiting from Israels occupation of Palestine.

The fortnightly demonstration saw once again a contingent of approximately 30 protestors gather to inform the public and get the message across about Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions as a means to bring an end to the occupation, as well as highlight the economic links by companies such as Ahava with illegal Israeli Settlements which thieve precious Palestinian land and natural resources.

As per usual, the protest was accompanied by a group of Zionists peddling lies about the history of the conflict and distorting the reality of the Israeli state’s occupation, human rights abuses against the Palestinians and violations of international law. Despite their presence and intimidatory tactics, the protestors continued unperturbed. When the ever-present Richard Millet, a well known Zionist who frequently attends these demonstrations, continued his efforts to harass a lone individual who was giving out leaflets, it came as a relief when police decided to intervene and give him a formal warning for harassment. Where Zionists have made every effort to intimidate participants at the Ahava and other BDS mobilisations, it is hoped the police caution will keep their aggressive tactics at bay.

Protestors however focussed on the task at hand of increasing awareness over the issue of Ahava and the brutal Israeli occupation, and spoke with numerous members of the public about it. The wealth of support from passers by was duly appreciated and always acts as a boost to those who attend each fortnight.

The regular protest continues to see new faces attend each time and the BDS movement steadily grow and gain strength.

Ahava’s products are manufactured on the illegal Settlement of Mitzpe Shalem which sits upon stolen Palestinian land. The settlement is considered illegal under both British and International Law and takes precious natural resources away from Palestinians reducing their capacity to create their own viable economy. The Palestinian call for BDS aims to reduce the international community’s financial, cultural, sporting and academic engagement with the state of Israel as a non-violent means of challenging the apartheid system which sees restrictions on movement, economic restrictions, house demolitions, land theft, indefinite detention without trial and brutal violence against Palestinians and human rights activists in both the West Bank and Gaza.

The next demonstration will be on Saturday the 31st July from 12pm – 2pm.

Ahava, Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London

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