Fifth in series of demonstrations outside settler company Ahava

Report by ISM London

Around 25 pro-Palestine activists braved cold weather and rain to attend the fifth in a series of demonstrations outside Israeli cosmetics shop Ahava today.

Demonstrators arrived at 12pm and began the protest outside the shop itself. This had the effect of deterring trade, as few people crossed the picket line and entered the shop. Protesters successfully engaged with members of the public, telling them about Ahava’s crimes in occupied Palestine, and often received honks of support from passing motorists.

"1-0 to the Israel"

Once again the Zionist Federation launched a counter demonstration, led by investment banker and ZF vice-chair Jonathan Hoffman. ‘The Hoff’ embarrassed himself by bizarrely counting how many pieces of Zionist Federation propaganda he had managed to throw through the windows of passing taxis by singing “1 – 0 to the Israel”, “2 – 0 to the Israel” and so forth.

"beheadings after Friday prayers"

Other Zionist demonstrators spent the afternoon engaging in Islamophobic hate speech; one ZF member who identified himself as John Ball shouted “You’re supporting the side that wants to make you grandchildren wear Burkas” at pro-Palestinian activists. A member of the Zionists welsh contingent, who appeared to be drunk, demonstrated his grasp of geography by confusing Palestine with Saudi Arabia: “They [the Palestinians] are better off under Israeli law, they don’t want to live where they have beheadings after Friday prayers”.

The demonstration ended at 2pm. The next protest against Ahava will take place on May 23rd, 12pm – 2pm. Join us!