Israel massacres peace activists in international waters


Developing story, more details will arrive as we get them

ISM London are horrified to learn that Israeli forces killed at least 10, and possibly as many as 19, unarmed peace activists this morning on board the lead ship of the Freedom Flotilla of aid to Gaza last night. The attack took place in international waters.

Many former ISM volunteers are part of the Free Gaza movement; some of them were our friends. Around 28 Britons are thought to be on board the ships and their fate is currently unknown. Almost everyone in ISM London knows someone on the ships. We are currently trying to get a definitive list of names. The names we have so far of UK people on board the flotilla, and presumably in Israeli custody right now:

Alexander Evangelou
Alex Harrison
Denis Healey
Ewa Jasiewicz
Theresa McDermott
Hassan Nowarah
Gehad Sukker

Free Gaza ships were filled with unarmed peace activists, politicians and ordinary people, and the Israeli propaganda that their commandos were attacked are patently absurd.

We’re not surprised that the attacks took place in International waters, or that they were a reckless, murderous over-reaction to unarmed ships carrying medical supplies and building materials.

Israel routinely meets non violent Palestinian protest with lethal violence.

There is a protest later today in London: at Downing Street from 2pm. Please come. UPDATE: PSC have called an earlier protest for 11am at the Foreign Office, King Charles Street, Whitehall. These demos are close together, so please come to both. More details on demos here:

The contacts for our colleagues on the Free Gaza ships:

ISM London: 07913 067 189

It’s currently very hard to reach people on the boats, but please try:

Contact: Huwaida Arraf on board the Challenger 0088 216 5207 2093
Ewa Jasciewica on board the Challenger 0088 163 184 7926
Fatima Mohammed on board the IHH ship 8821636619168
Greta Berlin 00 357 99 18 72 75
Mary Hughes 00 357 96 38 38 09