Dump Veolia! 2pm, Natural History Museum

DUMP VEOLIA DEMO: SATURDAY 10 APRIL, 2-4pm, Natural History Museun, Cromwell Road, London

Facebook event here.

This event takes place right after the regular demo against Ahava in Covent Garden. The Ahava demonstrators will be leaving for the Natural History Museum together for those who can go to both.

Veolia is sponsoring the “Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition” at the Natural History Museum, London, both the 2009 and the 2010 exhibitions. See this page on their website for information on the exhibition.

The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate against Veolia’s complicity in Israel’s war crimes through their supply of services to the illegal settlements – the tramway and bus services linking settlements to Israel, and the landfill site taking settlement refuse.

It is worth noting that the tramway connects the Pizgat Ze’ev settlement with West Jerusalem: 600 more houses were announced for Pizgat Ze’ev a few weeks ago, now part of the row between Netanyahu and Obama.

The main 2009/2010 exhibition in London ends on 11 April. There will be a Dump Veolia demo outside the Natural History Museum on Saturday 10 April, from 2-4pm, outside the Cromwell Road entrance, on the pavement

The address is Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD; website www.nhm.ac.uk.

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Needless to say, the demo will be entirely peaceful. Make sure you don’t impede passers by: we are trying to get their support, not annoy them. We will have leaflets to hand out.